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Special Meeting Notes 1/24/23 

Attending: Todd Durbin, Steve Wilson, Jennifer Ayala-Vanderpool, Art Thatcher of BerryDunn, Jon Breckon and Celeste Penny of Breckon Land Design 

Purpose: The purpose of the meeting was to allow the Golf Commissioners to give feedback to the consultants hired by the city to create a long-term Parks & Recreation plan, which includes the two public golf courses overseen by the Golf Commission. Since only two commissioners were in attendance, without a quorum this was not an official meeting of the Golf Commission, and no decisions were made or business transacted. What follows is a brief summary of the feedback given to the consultants by Todd Durbin, Steve Wilson and Jennifer Ayalaô€€ƒVanderpool. 

The Plan: The discussion began at 9:05 AM in the upstairs meeting room of the Harward Recreation Center with Art Thatcher giving a presentation on what the consultants have done so far, including but not limited to on-site inspection of the golf courses and surrounding property, study of ariel photography and maps of the property and conducting focus groups to solicit ideas for additional recreation-related activities the city might consider on or around the golf courses. Mr. Thatcher made clear that nothing they would propose would inhibit or interfere with normal operation of the golf courses. 

Some of the things suggested by the focus groups included but were not limited to improving the restrooms on both golf courses, pickleball courts, disk golf, nature garden, walking paths or trails, archery area, and fly fishing instruction using the water features on the courses. Todd and Steve both pointed out that there is very little room around the ponds on the courses that would be safe from errant golf balls for conducting fly fishing instruction. The consultants mentioned possibly using the old barn at Ridgecrest for archery, which would require more discussion about access, parking, etc. Todd pointed out areas on the maps that might be safe for walking paths, and others that would likely not be safe from errant shots. Todd and Steve both indicated that many of the proposals for additional recreational activities on or around the property might be feasible, depending on location, with much additional discussion needed to make sure they did not interfere with normal golf course operations. The discussion concluded at 9:50AM. 

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