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Meeting Minutes 3/21/23 Draft


Attending: Todd Durbin, Hadley Hersh, Neal Murphy, Bob Nash, Steve Wilson, Tony Blasius, Darrin Johnson, Cody Swander, Victor Rodriguez, Scott Nicholes, Kari Riley, Brandon Crim, June York, Craig Stensgaard

Absent: Fred Sutton

Meeting called to order at 9:11 AM by Commission Chairman Todd Durbin.

New Members: Todd Durbin asked the two new Commission members to introduce themselves.  Neal Murphy indicated that he is “semi-retired” and tries to play as much golf as he can. Bob Nash indicated that he moved here three years ago, primarily plays at Ridgecrest, and is also a player assistant/starter at Ridgecrest.

Minutes: Motion was made by Neal Murphy, seconded by June York and passed by all members present to accept the minutes of 2/21/23 as written.

Financial Reports: Hadley Hersh reported for Centennial that revenue was up and down for February due to weather, and that pass sales were behind where they were last year at this time. Tony Blasius was asked how this might impact revenue for the year if pass sales stay short of last year. He indicated that fewer passes would allow for more full fee tee times, so could possibly increase total revenue in the long term. Scott Nicholes reported for Ridgecrest the same revenue impact due to weather issues, but for the month Ridgecrest was only down slightly from last year. Both professionals were asked about clubhouse staffing. Hadley Hersh indicated she is still looking for another cook at Centennial, and that a new assistant teacher is starting April 1st. Scott Nicholes indicated that he has a full clubhouse staff at Ridgecrest at this time. Motion was made by Steve Wilson, seconded by Todd Durbin and passed by all members present to accept the financial reports.

Operations Reports: Brandon Crim reported for Centennial that they are busy adding additional sprinkler heads to address dry spots that showed up last year. The planting of 66 new trees is about half done, and he has seasonal staff starting next week. Scott Nicholes reported for Ridgecrest that they have been mowing greens and tees, doing lots of clean-up and some top dressing. Tony Blasius and Todd Durbin reported that Centennial was in excellent condition for the Pro-Am yesterday, and commended Brandon for the work he and his crew have done. Bob Nash reported that at Ridgecrest there are still some bare spots from last year, but most of the course appears to be coming in nicely and the greens are good and holding shots.

Public Relations Reports: June York reported for Ridgecrest that the RMGA held its opener on 3/18, and that high schools are beginning to use the practice facilities and the Wee Nine. Hadley Hersh reported that no events have taken place at Centennial so far this year. Motion was made by June York, seconded by Steve Wilson and passed by all the members present to accept the Operations/Public Relations reports.

Golf Manager Report: Tony Blasius wanted to thank the staff of both courses for help with hosting yesterday’s Pro-Am. He indicated they are still waiting for completion of maintenance on the two course restrooms at Centennial and hoping for completion soon. He is meeting with an architect this afternoon to begin planning for renovation of the pro shop, kitchen and restrooms in the Centennial clubhouse. Tony distributed a March revenue by category breakdown for both courses. Tony and Darrin Johnson also went over the 10-year capital budget projection. One expensive item discussed was a new well that must be drilled to irrigate Ridgecrest outside of irrigation season. This must be done within the next three years as part of the sale of the courses to the city by the state, and will likely cost between 1 and 1.5 million dollars. Cody Swander has started discussions with engineers to explore the water rights and permitting needed to begin this project. Motion was made by Steve Wilson, seconded by June York and approved by all the members present to accept the Golf Manager and Capital Improvement reports.

Ridgecrest Superintendent Update: Cody Swander reported that Josh Davidson has been hired as the new superintendent at Ridgecrest, replacing Charlie Denham who retired. Josh is coming to us from Boise Ranch, but has also previously worked for Brandon Crim at Centennial. He will start work on 4/3. The Golf Commission wishes to thank Clayton Dye at Ridgecrest for filling in as interim superintendent and doing an excellent job.

Review Golf Commission Policy: This item was tabled until the April meeting.

Mayor’s Golf Tournament: Kari Riley reported that she has signed up the maximum number of teams for the tournament. Texas Roadhouse is providing lunch again this year, and she is still looking for sponsors/donations for breakfast and door prizes.

Old Business:

  • Property Update: Darrin Johnson reported that the sale of the courses to the city is expected to close on the 29th or 30th of this month.
  • Driving Range Improvements: Tony Blasius reported that pricing has been competed to add a concrete strip and mats to the driving ranges of both courses for use in the winter.

New Business:

  • Youth Golf Scholarships: One application was received for discounted youth golf scholarships funded by Pepsi. It is a group application for Kids in Action. Groups of kids will come out to both courses periodically throughout the summer. After discussion it was decided that the director of the program should schedule each outing with the course professionals in advance, and that $500.00 should go to each course from the Pepsi Fund to compensate for equipment rental and other expenses. With these conditions, motion was made by Todd Durbin, seconded by Steve Wilson and passed by all members present to approve the application.
  • Golf Commission E-Mail: Todd Durbin announced a specific city email address for the Golf Commission.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Steve Wilson, seconded by Neal Murphy and approved by all the members present to adjourn the meeting at 10:04 AM.


Next Meeting: The next regular meeting of the Golf Commission is scheduled for 9:00 AM, April18th, 2023 at Nampa City Hall. Attendance may be in person or remote.


Respectfully submitted by Steve Wilson, Commission Secretary.  

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