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Nampa Golf Commission

Meeting Minutes 1/17/23 Draft


Attending: Todd Durbin, Fred Sutton, Cody Swander, Tony Blasius, Steve Wilson, Jennifer Ayala-Vanderpool, Scott Nicholes, Darrin Johnson, Rick Hogaboam, June York

Absent: Craig Stensgaard, Brandon Crim, Charlie Denham

Meeting called to order at 9:04 AM by Commission Chairman Todd Durbin.

Announcement: Commission Chairman Todd Durbin announced that Clint Beers has resigned from the Commission. The other commissioners would like to thank Clint for his time and commitment to golf in Nampa.

Minutes: Motion was made by Fred Sutton, seconded by Todd Durbin and passed by all commissioners present to accept the minutes of 11/22/22.

Financial Reports: Hadley Hersh reported for Centennial that December was very slow due to weather, but it’s been busy in January and pass sales are strong. Scott Nicholes reported the same for Ridgecrest, and that he expects January revenue to be up from last year. Jennifer Ayala-Vanderpool reported that expenses for December were as expected. She was asked if any new mowers are to be purchased this year and she indicated that at least one new mower was budgeted for each course, but she did not have the details with her. Motion was made by Steve Wilson, seconded by Fred Sutton and passed by all the commissioners present to accept the financial reports. 

Operations Reports:

  • Centennial Maintenance: Fred Sutton reported that he has had his NNC golf team playing at Centennial and found the conditions very good for this time of year.
  • Centennial Course Conditions: See above.
  • Ridgecrest Maintenance: Scott Nicholes reported that he and others had recently toured the course and found the vole problem to be quite serious, as well as areas of dead grass resulting from the irrigation problems we had last year. Tony Blasius indicated that safe chemicals can be applied to help control the voles, and possibly some sod can be cut from areas outside the fairways to help repair the dead areas, since seeding takes so long and requires roping off large areas of the course. Darrin Johnson indicated that he would meet with Cody and Tony to develop a strategy for dealing with the voles.
  • Ridgecrest Course Conditions: See above.
  • Centennial Public Relations: Hadley Hersh reported that no events took place in December.
  • Ridgecrest Public Relations: June York reported that Christmas parties were held in the clubhouse on 12/10 and 12/16.
  • Golf Manager Report: Tony Blasius reported that Facilities has been out to Centennial doing some measuring in preparation for a “clubhouse refresh” on the inside, including removing the sliding door between the golf shop and rest of the clubhouse. They are continuing to execute the long-term tree plan at Centennial that involves taking out some old trees and planting new ones. Ridgecrest is interviewing for hiring staff, and Centennial will be doing the same soon. Tony also indicated that rebooking events typically held at the courses every year is going well, and they are not booking any new events on weekends. June York asked how the work was going on the restrooms at Centennial. Tony indicated that it may be paused right now, but he expects all the work to be done by the start of the season. Tony also reported that both courses have done away with five-some’s, which generated a few complaints, but also many positive comments. Scott Nicholes indicated that he’s also gotten positive comments on that decision. Motion was made by June York, seconded by Fred Sutton and passed by all the members present to accept the Operations Reports.
  • Old Business
    • Property Update: Darrin Johnson reported that we are waiting for the state to respond to our requests on easing some of the deed restrictions in the current draft of the contract. Rick Hogaboam reported that Mayor Kling has been in touch with Health & Welfare Director Jeppesen, and the Mayor and Rick are both optimistic about getting to a resolution and hopefully signed contract soon.
    • Driving Range Mats: Tony Blasius reported that this has not been considered a high priority right now, so not a lot has been done recently. It’s still in the information-gathering stage and more will be reported later.
  • New Business
    • Youth Golf Scholarships: Jennifer Ayala-Vanderpool reported that no discounted youth golf scholarship applications have been received.
    • Special Meeting: Jennifer Ayala Vanderpool reminded the commission of the special meeting scheduled for next Tuesday at 9:00 at the Harward Recreation Center for the any of the commissioners that are available to meet with the consultants hired by the city to create a parks plan, and give them feedback on the golf course portion of that plan.
    • Fees Feedback Meeting: Steve Wilson reported on the meeting held in November with the men’s and women’s associations of both courses on the proposed fee schedule for 2023. The associations requested that for next year’s fee discussions, the city and commission consider adding a specific senior pass, moderation of fee increases for private carts (trail fees) and consideration on greens fees or cart fees for association tournaments so prize money returned to winners at least matches or hopefully exceeds the fees charged for the tournament.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Steve Wilson, seconded by Fred Sutton and passed by all commission members present to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 AM.


Next Meeting: The next regular meeting of the Nampa Golf Commission is scheduled for 9:00 AM, February 21st, 2023 at Nampa City Hall. Attendance may be in person or remote.


Respectfully submitted by Steve Wilson, Commission Secretary. 




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